Monday, May 21, 2012

BLOG TOUR, Review & Giveaway: My Enchanted Live by Laura Eno

Emma Winslow turned 18 and heading to college next semester the start to the rest of her life right?

The day of Emma's birthday she is informed she has inherited a house in England.  Off she goes for a vacation to check everything out.  Only a month no big deal.  Emma has no clue when she gets to Wode's Gate her whole life is going to change.  She discovers she is a Sentinel born to protect the gate between the Underworld and the Mundane world.

Emma walks into the world of faeries, dragons, demons, shapeshifters and many more fairy tale creatures.  Oh there's the Sentinel meant to train her, Randolph, who is very yummy and Matthew who says hello and barely says much but he always pops up when she's out.  Also, the king of the Underworld wants Emma.  What's a girl to do?

Will this vacation remain a  vacation or will she stay?  Does she realize the dangers for her are more than ensuring demons stay in the Underworld?

How Distracted Did I Get?

My Enchanted Life grabbed me from the start.  A normal teen girl inheriting a house in another country doesn't happen everyday. Emma was very sweet and normal and didn't see anything extraordinary about herself.  She had average looks in her own eyes, nothing special.
She meets Randolph handsome dark looks although VERY rough around the edges.  His "yumminess" don't make up for his attitude.  Matthew is sweet, kind, and gorgeous green eyes.

My Enchanted Life is a wonderful new world of all kinds of fairy tale creatures that will keep you wanting more.  I'm ready for the sequel and hopefully there will be one! <3

I gave this book 4 baskets. 

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  1. Thank you for the review! There will be a sequel. :)

    1. Oh great! I can't wait! I'll hope on the blog tour again! <3