Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Help me out?

So I decided to do the poll for my gift card on amazon! I'm compiling a list but am open to suggestions!  Leave a comment below and give me ideas or if there is a book out there you want to see me review for the site!!!! 

Oh and is there a poll site out there like rafflecopter that's easier than the old fashioned way of comments?  If not we'll do Old Fashioned!
As Always <3 Tobi


  1. Blogger has a Poll Gadget you can add, but otherwise, I'd just google it. I've used this one before and it was pretty easy

  2. Here's my BSP - The Messenger's Handbook - a YA historical fantasy time travel novel. Only 99 cents for the e-book until I yank it back up to $2.99 when the paper book debuts. Thanks!

  3. If you want something funny.... try My Big Fake Irish Life by Caitlin McKenna. i've just read it and its hysterical. PLus she's lovely :) (I stalked her on GoodReads)