Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: Deadly Deception by Alexa Grace

Frankie is a PI who's one of the best she almost always gets the job done.  Her cousin gets mixed up in a baby trafficking operation so she needs to jump in with both  feet even if she has to be partners with Lane Hansen, the jerk.

Lane Hansen is on his first huge assignment since becoming detective.  He wants to nail the guy killing young girls and dumping their bodies in the woods.  There seems to be a link and catching the man who murdered the young girls means  partnering up with Frankie.  Who he regrets loving and leaving.

Will Frankie and Lane be able to leave their history the past, or will they let their emotions interfere with the case?

How Distracted Did I Get?
Deadly Deception is a fast paced thriller romance mystery.  Does that make sense?  There is action, adventure and some HOT HOT scenes.  Ms. Grace has written a great 2nd installment to her Deadly Trilogy.  The romance is very believable with past issues between Lane and Frankie.  Frankie not easily forgiving Lane his past transgressions.  Lane being torn because he knew he made the biggest mistake ever.

Deadly Deception is a perfectly woven tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire book.

I give Deadly Deception  5 Baskets


  1. Love a "Keep you on the Edge of your Seat" book!

    1. Lauren her book Deadly Offerings is amazing to! Both Suspenseful mystery romance! LOL A little of everything