Friday, June 29, 2012

Review: ReVamped by Ada Adams

Dawn is excited to have her first assignment away from teaching mini vamps how to fight.  Gather the 4 vamps in Angel Creek.  Train them to be the protectors of the town.
Will she be able to train the misfits how to fight in combat if needed or will all fall to pieces? Then the age old question which man? Ethan the bartender or Sebastion the mysterious vampire that live near the training cabin?

How Distracted Did I Get?
Dawn is a very tough but yet vulnerable.  She is out to show her father she can do the mission he gave her.  Even through the difficulties she found once she got to Angel Creek she didn’t give up.
Sebastion the mysterious vampire is supportive but distant.  He leaves you wanting so much more from him!

First thoughts after
I want more Sebastion!  More more more  I wonder who Ms. Adams ideal actor to play Sebastion would be?

How many Baskets?
ReVamped had me laughing in parts and stressed out over events.  It's the perfect mix in a book!  Revamped also had me totally fooled!  I thought I knew exactly who was behind everything that was going wrong.  I was wrong!  For an author to totally throw me is rare.  I usually have part of it right.  This is a definite for your TBR if it’s not already!
I gave Revamped……….

5 Baskets!
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