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Blog Tour Guestpost/Review: Nursing Second Chances by Maggie Greene

Guest Post by Maggie Greene
Why I Love Small Town Romance

I admit to being a city girl. I might have grown up in middle-of-nowhere Wyoming, but my dream was always to get out. At eighteen, I moved to Seattle for college and never looked back. Since then, I’ve lived in a couple big cities and can’t dream of living somewhere small again.
I’ll tell you a secret though. I love small town romances. There is something about the dynamics of a small town that are perfect for love stories. There is always lots of gossip, plenty of strange characters and a few surprises.
The best part, to me, is that everyone thinks they know everyone in a small town. That’s why love should be difficult to find. If you’ve already met everyone, then who’s left? Then one day, they run across that person they’ve never met before. The one didn’t know was in town. Maybe they just moved there or maybe they’ve been there all along, but either way there is an instant attraction. The only thing the author has to do is sit back and allow things to run their course. 
Why do you love small town romances?
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Nursing Second Chances
A Honey Creek Sweet Romance
Kiersten Hart left Honey Creek the minute she graduated high school and never looked back. When her sister Jeanine is widowed and left to raise two children alone, Kiersten moves back on a temporary basis. When Charles steps in and sweeps her off her feet, she has to decide if the wounds from her childhood can be mended.
After his wife died, Charles Webber swore he’d never love anyone again. He buried himself in his work and didn’t look up until he found out his son was sick. Moving to Honey Creek was supposed to make things easier. Kiersten does little to help keep things simple. Though he is taken with her, he soon realizes the casual relationship they agreed on is turning serious. As their expiration date approaches, Charles must decide if Kiersten is worth the risk.

Maggie Greene has often been described as having an overactive imagination. She’s not convinced this is true, but does seem to spend a lot of her time daydreaming up ways to make her characters fall in love. When she’s not buried in a pile of books or typing away on her computer, she’s living out her very own happily-ever-after with a very patient husband and a demanding cat.Maggie loves to hear from readers. You can contact her at, through her website or on Facebook!/AuthorMaggieGreene.

My Review

First thoughts after…
Nursing Second Chances is a sweet, endearing feel good book. 
How Distracted Did I Get?
Kiersten never wants to go back to her tiny hometown again.  With the death of her brother-in-law, who was in the military, she went back to help her sister, niece and nephew get through the rough time.  She’ll be there a couple weeks, a month tops.  If only that was true.  She’s gotten a job as the local elementary school nurse to help with bills until she heads back to Philadelphia. 
Charles has been a single dad since his son Jason was born, his wife died during child birth. No one has caught Charles’s eye in ten years until he met Kiersten her first day at work when Jason’s blood sugar dropped and had to visit the new nurse’s office. 
Will Kiersten and Charles make things work out or will Kiersten let her past rule her future?
How Many Baskets?
From beginning to end Nursing Second Chances had me in its grip and didn’t let me go until the end.  It’s a sweet romance that is perfect when you just want the perfect romance.
I give Nursing Second Chances………
5 Baskets! <3

Author  Bio:
Maggie Greene grew up in small town Wyoming. Without much else to entertain her, she set about creating characters in her own mind. When it finally came time to put pen to paper (or more accurately, fingers to keyboard), the people she'd dreamed up demanded romantic plot lines. She was more than happy to comply. She is currently living her very own happily ever after in Pittsburgh with her husband and cat. Maggie also writes erotica and erotic romance under the name Emily Cale.

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