Monday, July 30, 2012

Catching back up........

 Good morning everyone! 
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I’m sorry the past few weeks my reviews have been sparse.  There have been some family emergencies and then a storm that wiped out most of my area of internet and power for about a week.  I know I’m behind on reviewing books and I will be getting back on track here soon.  So, authors who are waiting for a review, I’m getting there just please be patient with me I’ll pull myself and the blog back together.
<3 Tobi


  1. I hope the hard times are past you and you can move forward and get back to your enjoyment of reading!

  2. Welcome back, Tobi! I hope all is well on the family front now :)

  3. Ty! My mom is home for now! Hopefully the next time she's in the hospital is for the heart transplant. That along with a bunch of normal stuff! Ty for your sweet comments! <3

  4. Tobi ~ hope all is back to normal soon! hugs!