Monday, July 30, 2012

Review/Giveaway: A Charming Crime by Tonya Kappes Winner of the Poll

Goodreads Synopsis
Bubble... Bubble...

June Heal has nothing to lose when she relocates her homeopathic cure shop, A Dose of Darla, from the flea market booth in her home town, to a quaint shop in the cozy but unusual little town of Whispering Falls, Kentucky. Or so it seems.

Cures and trouble...

Whispering Falls has a lot of secrets. From talking snow globes to whispering animals not to mention a few sprinkles of fairy dust, June realizes Whispering Falls is more magical than she thought. . .literally.

Magic stirs...

June discovers she was born into a family of psychics, and her homeopathic cures truly are magical. Unfortunately, they are not magical enough to save her from being the number one murder suspect when a member of the community that she had just had a disagreement with shows up face down in the lake with June’s lucky charm in the victim’s grasp.

And troubles double...

Add to that an attraction to her high school best friend, Sheriff Oscar Park and Mr. Prince Charming, her cat, is stealing charms from Belle’s Baubles, June is forced to clear her name in more ways than murder. After all, they don’t have cauldrons in jail

First thoughts after
More please!  Do Oscar and June end up together???? Cliff hanger galore! I want more!!! Please Tonya??  LOL
How Distracted Did I Get?
June is smart and sarcastic with an addiction to Ding Dongs! (I’m not sure I’ve ever had one. Note to self, look in the grocery store for Ding Dongs and find out how good they are.)  She is the only suspect in a murder investigation that her bff is running.  With no one to trust or turn to, she starts her own investigation to clear herself.  With laugh out loud scenes and can’t put it down suspense A Charming Crime is the perfect read for summer you get a little bit of everything but romance. (Crossing fingers for the next book) 
How Many Baskets?
A Charming Crime is a wonderful book for men, women and teens!  A MUST for your TBR pile!
I gave A Charming Crime……….
5 Baskets!!!!!!!
So Since Tonya's book won and I loved it so much I am giving away an ebook copy! Just enter through the rafflecopter below! <3
Must be 13
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  1. Tee hee! Don't you love those cliff hangers??? Thank you so much! I love the reviews and love writing this series!

  2. Um, you have never had ding dongs? What are you, a communist??? Haha, just kidding Tobi :) I love them!

    This book looks like a lot of fun, and I totally love a sarcastic female lead. Wish me luck!


    1. Since the review was written I have had them and enjoyed them however they were amazingly too sweet for me! So my son and dad ate them all LMBO!
      Good luck hun!!! <3

  3. Tobi ~ I have a sweet tooth but have to draw the line on Ding-Dongs. It's like deep frying a TWINKIE!!