Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Murder In Silence by Gary Kassay

Goodreads Synopsis
When two police officers are found with their throats ripped open with surgical precision, there are no witnesses to the crime and no connections between the dead officers. Left with two clues that make no sense, Inspector Duke Becker is about to face a diabolical killer whose rampage has just begun.

The tenacious Becker, head of the NYPD's Special Investigations Unit's Homicide Division, is proud of his impeccable record for solving unusual or high profile murders. But the bulldog detective may be facing the most challenging case of his career as he desperately searches to either find some connection between the two murdered cops or deal with the less than desirable alternative-that someone is randomly killing cops for no reason whatsoever.

With only bizarre clues to follow, Becker and his squad immerse themselves in a deadly race to stop a killer before another police officer's throat is brutally slashed and the city of New York is thrown into turmoil.

First thoughts after…..
Great book, wonderful cliffhanger
How Distracted Did I Get?
For Duke Becker being a cop is in his blood.  His father and brother were cops also.  Inspector for the head of Homicide Special Investigations Unit, Duke gets the hardest case of his life.  Cops are being killed mysteriously and it’s a tough case to crack.  Through the investigation he meets Dr. Elizabeth Cunningham who helps with some leads. 
Will Duke and Liz get their calendars together and does Duke’s Unit have any chance of catching this ghost of a killer?
How Many Baskets?
Murder in Silence is a great book.  It’s a thriller mystery with a good mix of comedy and romance to offset the thrill and chill.  I would definitely read the next Duke Becker novel.

I give Murder In Silence……….
4 Baskets!!!!


  1. Wow !!! Scary premise ... great title :) Will have to save this one for a dark and stormy night ...


  2. I love the review, thank you for sharing!