Friday, September 21, 2012

Author Spotlight Cooking Up Trouble by Louisa Mack

She is an award-winning chef and he is the unnervingly attractive lawyer who represented her ex in the break-up of their business.
When Ally French inherits Chaffey’s Island, she’s working and saving to replace the café she lost in a failed romance. She doesn't need or want another romance. But when Chaffey’s Island turns out to be a pub in the Australian outback she’s prepared to do just about anything to keep it. Even when the lawyer handling her godfather’s estate is Edward McGrogan, the same yummy lawyer who took her café away. The problem with her last business was not having a lawyer so at least this time she will have one. Even if it means risking her heart.
Of course there are a few complicating factors such as someone trying to frighten her into selling cheap; her godfather’s sly grog shed out the back; and the growing sizzle between her and her lawyer. When attraction boils over into love and when accusations arise of grievous bodily harm, not to mention dope in the dinner, Ally knows she’s really cooked up some trouble this time and she’ll need a darned good lawyer no matter what she has to do to keep him.

Author's Bio

Louisa Mack lives in Brisbane in northern Australia. She studied Creative Writing at Queensland University of Technology and later did a Masters by Research in Romance Writing.

But she's been inventing stories all her life and will admit that she was often the starring character when she was a child, sometimes involving a big shiny sword or some other desirable accessory. A wand maybe.

Lately she's been happy to let her characters take the starring roles. Heck, she's even happy to let them have the exciting accessories. In Cooking Up Trouble she not only gave Ally a pub in the outback, but also a very delectable man to love and a ride in a sixteen wheeler.

Cooking Up Trouble is the third novel Louisa's written but the first to be published. There will be more.

Cooking Up Trouble is available through Smashwords and the Amazon kindle store.


  1. I hadn't had a chance to see your new blog, it looks great! Keep up the good work. Love to "armchair travel," so I am definitely checking out "Cooking up Trouble." Thanks for posting this review.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed! <3