Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Follower Giveaway!!!

So, who thinks I completely forgot.......
I honestly don't blame you and I apologize for getting behind.

To explain a bit right before the contest ended my mom
was called for her heart transplant.  The end of October was spent
traveling to and from UVA to see mom.
Her heart transplant went extremely well.  She's already moved from weekly to bi-weekly and now she only has to go to UVA once a month!  This is an extremely unusual WONDERFUL thing how well her recovery is going.  She had a test this week that tells the odds of rejection of her body to the new heart.......
the results were slim to none!!!  

After we settled mom home I flew right into holiday season at work and for those who don't know I work retail.  Well, you know how that goes right?  I am so sorry I'm behind.  I'm going to print the entries and check them and start drawing winners!
So, within a few days I'll be posting winners!
I hope y'all can forgive me!
<3 Tobi


  1. I am so glad your mom is making such a wonderful recovery! What wonderful news for you. I bet you are so glad the holidays are over. I don't think (and I hope) anyone is too worried about prizes when you are going through all of that!

    Happy New Year,

  2. Glad your mom is doing so well! That's good news.
    We're all busy these days. At least we can't say life is boring. :) You're forgiven, of course!