Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sugar gets a #MAKEOVER!!! & #Giveaway - Katie Mettner

Hello everyone!  I'm very honored that Katie contacted me to have an exclusive of the NEW Covers of Sugar's Dance and Sugars Song!  Thanks so much for letting me participate!  It means so much!  Without further ado here is the story from Katie on what brought about the changes!

A Message from Katie Mettner!
When I first embarked on the writing journey with Sugar’s Dance I really had no
aspirations that the book would be read by more than a few close family members and
friends. When Amazon wanted me to “create a cover” I really had no idea what to do so
I grabbed a pre-made cover, put a picture and my title on it and away I went. I hit that
“publish button”, mentioned on Facebook “Oh and I wrote this book and if you want to
read it it’s on Amazon and Barnes and Noble”, signed up on a Twitter and then sat back
not sure what to do next. To my great shock and surprise people started reading Sugar’s
story. Then they started asking me was there going to be a second? Heck, I hadn’t even
planned to publish the first, so a second wasn’t even a glimmer, but I did know her story
wasn’t done so with that “The Sugar Series” was born. I met all these great authors and
friends on Twitter and Faceboook who gave me all kinds of great tips, advice, support,
love, tweets, posts, mentions and were overall God given blessings to me as I wrote the
second in the series Sugar’s Song. I had a friend do the front cover for that book and I
again hit that publish button and off we went. But as I sat looking at the covers I realized
I was looking at the future. There in front of me were two of the three books in the series,
but I had SO many more books in my mind. I really wanted to take all my ideas and
turn them into a really descriptive, detailed, but fast glimpse into the book. So for about
two weeks I attempted to take all these great ideas I had and make a cover. Turns out
Photoshop doesn’t like me (that’s my tactful way of saying my art skills don’t go beyond
crayons). It’s okay though because I had a way around that and I emailed a friend I had
met on Twitter, Ms. Laura LaRoche of LLPix Photography, and begged her to help (not
exaggerating, I actually begged). I told her my vision and within two days she had both
covers ready for me. I opened them and immediately responded with “These are perfect!
Don’t change a thing!” She had taken my words and made it magical. She is my hero. So
with that I give you the new covers for Sugar’s Dance and Sugar’s Song!

Stay tuned to Forget The Housework for the late summer release of the cover for the last
in The Sugar Series, Sugar’s Night! As I write the story the cover is beginning to take
shape in my mind and yet something else is taking shape as well. It was just an idea I
was tossing around as I wrote her finale, but it began to grow with each chapter I wrote.
Then, as always happens, I got that little bit of divine guidance when Laura sent me the
image of the cross she had created for my book covers. I sat there looking at it and I knew
that we would never really be ready to leave Sugarland, so I sure hope after we finish the
cover for Sugar’s Night Laura has time for a few more covers for my Sugarland Series!
In this series we will meet some new friends and check in on some old friends as we
continue our adventure north.

I want to say a special thank you to Tobi for all of her support of the Sugar Series and
for always letting me jump on and take over her blog at my every whim! I love you
and am so grateful that the Lord led me to Twitter and you! Now, forget the housework
everybody, its time for a little Sugar!

Here are the NEW COVERS for Sugar's Story!
Sugar's Dance Amazon
Sugar's Dance Barnes & Noble
Sugar's Song Amazon
Sugar's Song Barnes & Noble


Must Be 18 to enter and live in US, UK or CA
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  1. I'm bouncing in my chair I'm so excited! Yay! What great covers, Katie! They're beautiful, she did a fantastic job and they fit the story so well. I can't wait to see The next one.

  2. Absolutely stunning! Just beautiful!

  3. Huge congratulations, Katie, they are totally awesome. Your designer rocks ~ well done to Laura LaRock of LLPix Photography! I'm reading Sugar's Dance right now and I have to say, the new cover is just divinely perfect. So happy for you!!! Rock on.... :-)

  4. Gorgeous and gorgeous! I love the new look and they fit so well with the stories! I can't wait to see the next cover now!!

    Mandy x

  5. Fantastic story about readers and Sugar! Congratulations!

    xx, Lauren

  6. So beautiful honey!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you :D<3

  7. Thanks ladies! Sugar's got a new pair of shoes er covers! LOL I of course can only take credit for the sad, pathetic email filled with begging and pleading, the rest is all Ms. Laura :) I can promise you what she's designing for Sugar's Night, no one is going to see coming ;)

  8. This looks great!!


  9. I didn't see the original covers, but I like these! I also really liked your post. Great job!

  10. I met Katie on Twitter a few months ago and she's a true inspiration, always supporting me. I want to thank Katie for being a true inspiration and living an amazing life without limitations. She is a true hero for amputees everywhere.

  11. Aw that's so awesome Katie. Congrats on everything taking off and getting your stories out there. I missed the original covers but I do like the new ones. They look so nice together!

    Thanks ladies!


  12. Loving the new covers!! They look awesome!! Great post too, spin off sounds like fun too!!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  13. I've just finished both of your stories and I LOVED them! I anguished with Sugar and rooted for all to turn out well for her and Mr. Bond, Lillie, Julie and Jesse. The covers are perfect! I'm looking forward to reading more of the series. Because you can never get enough sugar, right?