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Soul Walker Book Blitz Hop!

Welcome to the first stop on the Soul Walker Giveaway Tour!!!
I'm very honored to be a part of the tour and EXCITED to be the first stop! I have an interview and the rafflecopter for the giveaway at the bottom of the post! 
Thanks again Robyn!

Here's the synopsis of Soul Walker
"I need to get you to the hospital." He was taking responsibility for me. Only my parents had that job. I stretched my hand out in protest, but the lack of depth perception had my trembling fingers grazing his overheated neck. I swore his whole body shook.

When five-year-old Anna Pierce is offered a chance to have nightmare-free nights for the small price of her voice, she jumps at it. Silence has to be better than all-consuming dreams about blood and death and fangy monsters. The bargain she strikes comes with a secondary benefit, visions of a person's future potential. The combination of visions and silence changes her very nature and soon she's diagnosed with autism. Twelve years of living in her head comes to a screeching halt the moment Peter Davis pulls her out of an icy river.

Her new life has her twirling, tiptoeing, and crashing through unfamiliar territory, one filled with a cranky grandma, a knocked up cousin, an unpleasant cousin, a bunch of mostly good vampires, and the boy who rescued her. 

To top it all off, the deal she made at five is no more. Anna is expected to talk, to figure out her resurfacing nightmares, and to control her ever-growing powers. And she'd better get it done soon because if the good vamps want a piece of a living, breathing Touched girl, the evil ones simply want. They'll take Anna for their very own.

Soul Walker is the first book in the Touched Girl Series. It's approximately 91,000 words. Be on the look out for Soul Bender, coming March 2013.
(excerpt from Amazon Product Description)

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Author Interview

Hey Robyn! Thanks so much for doing an interview!!!

We can start with the more serious then move to the fun shortly.

What inspired you to start writing?
Writing came about out of pure survival. My youngest was born with a bad kidney. His first few months were spent enduring invasive tests and taking antibiotics every single day. Then came the day we had the test that told us the kidney had to go. I couldn't research his condition because medical stuff isn't like autism. I had no where to turn. I called my sister because she's always been the big reader in the family. She loaded me up with her favorite books. Then I downloaded Open Office to my computer. And that's how my writing career began.

Who are the authors who inspired you?
Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume was the first book to transport me to a different place. I still flash on Davey starting her life over in New Mexico. Judy Blume taught me to create a character you'll follow to the desert and back.

What lead you to the idea of the Soul Walker?
Inspired by my oldest son who was diagnosed with mild autism when he was 3, I wrote a children's book about a kid superhero. His power turned out to be his autism. When I started dreaming up Anna Pierce, her first quality was that she had autism (at least to the outside world). I liked the idea of being inside her head and seeing through her eyes.


If your passport could have 3 stamps what would they be?
Ireland, Spain, and Greece

If your books were to become movies who would star?
Taylor Swift for Anna + a few pounds.

Candice Bergen for cranky Ella.
AnnaSophia Robb for snarky angelic looking Betsy.

Liv Tyler for Lilian if she can pull off 25.
For Peter Davis I choose Tyler Blackburn from Pretty Little Liars, though most of his pics have him smiling. Peter isn't a big smiler.
Drew Roy would play Jared.
Lance would be played by Jai Courtney.
Cilian Murphy from 28 Days Later if he can pull of 25.

What office supply can’t you resist buying even though you have plenty?
For me it's not an issue of not being able to resist, it's a matter of always forgetting I have enough...Elmer's glue sticks for my oldest boy. It's the craziest brain blip, but I have a drawer full of them.

What’s your fave?
Cleaning tip?
Children. hehe.
Place for Vacay?
Anywhere but home. A simple day-trip out of town inspired one of my favorite novellas (not yet published).
Orange Julius and now Dairy Queen serves it!
Thing to do in amusement park?
Adventure rides like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland.Coffee or Tea? (knowing me you know I must ask)
Coffee all the way, baby.

WOOHOO!  My kind of lady!

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  1. Thanks for a great interview! I had fun casting the characters from Soul Walker and I keep changing out names and faces. Look I neglected sweet Sara! We'll have to do a poll next time.

  2. What a fantastic interview! I really enjoyed reading the cast Robyn chose. Great choices :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven