Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Charming Potion - Tonya Kappes

***This is a short story and may have spoilers if you haven't read any other book in the Magical Cures Mystery series***

What happens when June Heal goes against spiritualist rules and makes a LOVE POTION on the most sacred night of a spiritualist's life, Halloween?

Someone gets the potion that wasn't supposed to.  But who?
There isn't any amount of Ding Dongs that is going to help her fix this mess.


First thoughts after....
Thank goodness I have an ARC of A Charming Wish!  

How Distracted Did I Get??
A Charming Potion is a fun quick read!  The Magical Cures Mysteries are as addictive as coffee...yep I said it!  It's true.  This one is perfect for your lunch break and still has a cliffhanger leaving you wanting more.  Do not read this book until you have read her first 2 books in the Magical Cure Series A Charming Crime   then A Charming Cure.    June is a fun quirky character I can't get enough of!  This story is a must not miss in the Magical Cure Series.

I give A Charming Potion.....

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