Monday, March 18, 2013

Hottie McTottie Monday 1

For my first Hottie Mctottie Monday I want to introduce you to Carter and Molly from Racing to Love ~Carter's Treasure!

Hope you enjoy my interview and can't wait to see what you think of Hottie McTottie Mondays!

Carter: Hey Tobi, it’s nice to meet you, this is my wife Molly.

Tobi: Hi, please come in, have a seat. I’ve got drinks and snacks just help yourselves. I am so

excited that you agreed to do an interview. I know how busy you both are.

Molly: (grinning widely and a bit smugly – I might add) Oh, we couldn’t miss this one, could we

C: You are never going to let me live this down—are you, Gorgeous? (He feigns anger for
second before he cracks and winks at his wife.

T: Are you embarrassed Carter? I sure didn’t mean to do that. (snickering)

M: Oh, you have no idea how much shit Jess and Eli have given him over being chosen as
a ‘hottie mctottie’. (The hand around her starts to tickle her waist and Molly squeals and smacks at his chest – his rock hard chest I might add. Tearing my focus away from his biceps that flex as he teases his wife I gulp.) I can’t wait until we can get back home to Pennsylvania and tell my dad—“

C: Gorgeous! (he says kiddingly, but shaking his head)

M: See, Tobi, you had no idea how truly shy Carter is. But you’re absolutely right—he’s drop
dead, hot as hell.

T: So (grinning as I see her smile up at her husband, you can definitely tell, even through all
the teasing, they adore each other) Molly, let me ask you then…you just fully admitted to all of us you think he’s hot, but what was it about him that first attr
acted you to him? I mean, it’s sort of a fairy-tale romance between you both, that’s not something we see every day.

M: (biting her lip, she blinks staring wide-eyed at Carter). Without a doubt, it was his eyes.
They’re so amazing. I have never seen anything so blue, and not dark like mine, but like ice blue. I
couldn’t help but stare, which is so not like me. I’d grown up with athletes my entire life, I’d never
been affected by good looks and muscles. But there was something in the way Carter looked at me, I was immediately drawn to him. Then his sweet personality just bound him to me. He is such a caring person, and I felt so safe with him.

T: So that brings up another point. We have all heard that you are super protective of Molly, but
you felt that way from the beginning, didn’t you Carter?

C: (gathering his wife closer to his side) Absolutely. (he says firmly) There’s nothing I wouldn’t
do for this woman.

T: (These two have been married for a while now, but there is something so heart-melting about
seeing how much they love each other. Seeing firsthand, how an absolutely to-die for man, with a body that doesn’t quit, is sweet and doting. And oh my God, he looks at her like she’s his whole world, ah, it’s so swoon-worthy.) Okay, I have to ask Molly, surely Carter isn’t as perfect as he seems right? Please,  I mean, really…what’s the inside scoop?

M: (rolling her eyes) Oh get him around Brody, Eli and Jess and they all turn into thirteen year
old boys.

C: We do not!

T: Yeah, the laughter is a real sure way to make us all believe you there Carter. You sound…sort
of guilty?

M: Like the time when you all stayed up with Dad. It was before our house was done so we
were still in our RV, and I went to bed. The next thing I know, they’ve lit a bunch of fireworks right
outside the bedroom window. Scared the crap out of me.

T: So you’re laughing to the point of tears Molly, but why is Carter about three shades of red
right now?

M: Because he didn’t think things through that night, and you should have heard the guys all
turn on him when I came flying out of the motorhome—wearing only the blanket off our bed. That
taught them all a lesson that night, because I wasn’t embarrassed but between him and my dad, they were about to die. I got even and I didn’t even know I was.

C: Oh my God, I can’t believe you told that story.

M: See what I mean about him being shy? The public sees this pro athlete, and he’s polite and
quite, but in reality it’s not that he’s trying to put on this front. He’s really only his true self when we’re back home around our friends and family. Otherwise he’s really professional and whatnot, you’d never guess that he’s got an ornery streak.

T: (Oh I can see by the smirk and the twinkle in his eye, Molly is not stretching the truth by
any amount. Which is kind of funny, since she’s right, he does have this persona that appears perfect.  When in reality, get him around his friends and he’s just like any other guy.) What’s so funny to me, is the way you two interact. You’re fun and loveable, joking and teasing. You seem to just roll with it.

C: Her dad is a bad influence on me. I was perfect until I met him.

M: Oh my lord, how many times are you going to try to sell that line? (she rolls her eyes) But I
will back my husband here a little. My dad loves having us all back home during breaks. You just have to stay on your toes because you never know, you look down at your dinner plate and you might get chucked upside the head with a roll. Because it ‘slipped’. As he’s laughing his ass off. And talk about image, if I told anyone that works for him that, they’d think I was lying! But it’s true, isn’t it honey?

C: (Pulling her close again, he kisses her head) Every word. Trust me.

T: Well you guys have to have a million stories like that, you’ll come back and share more with
us won’t you?

C: Definitely. Thank you so much for having us, Tobi.

M: Yes, thank you. You’re such a sweetheart!

T: Thanks so much for taking time out with me! <3

Image credit: curaphotography / 123RF Stock Photo

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