Thursday, March 14, 2013

Red Carpet Romance - Jean Joachim

Why is gorgeous, rich movie star, Quinn Roberts, sharing his space with a baby he calls “Junior”, if it isn’t his own? Susanna Barnes, his beautiful live-in nanny, can’t figure him out and Quinn refuses to comment. Though wildly attracted to him, his distance from the adorable child puts Susanna off.
Daughter of “Coach Joe”, famous college basketball coach and an assistant art curator at a well-known art museum, Susanna lost it all at the hands of a drunk driver. Her dad was killed and her job given away while she recovered in the hospital.
Forced to find another job, she relies on her experience with her sister’s two kids to show Quinn she can take charge. Their overwhelming mutual heat melts his guarded heart and her reserve until a slip of the tongue shatters his dreams. Will she unravel the mystery of Junior’s birth and will they regain lost trust?


First thoughts after....
Bring on the next!!!!  

How distracted did I get?
Oh how I love hot actors falling for real women.  Red Carpet Romance is a fun romance that is as addictive from beginning to end.  I finished it in 2ish or less days.  The only reason the fam got chicken tettrazini was because my Kindle was charging... this is becoming an issue!  LOL  Again this is a sequel so I won't give details.  However, I LOVED the main characters!  Red Carpet Romance is a must for the feel good romance readers!
I give Red Carpet Romance.....

5 Baskets


  1. Thank you for the fabulous review, Tobi! So glad you liked the book.

  2. Sounds fabulous ~ adding it to my TBR! x