Monday, April 1, 2013

Hottie McTottie Monday 3 w/#giveaway

A couple weeks ago I got to meet and talk to Carter and Molly from the Racing to Love series this week I get to sit down with Jessie!  Whoooey!  Who doesn't LOVE a hot cowboy?  I hope you enjoy meeting him as much as I did!

Tobi – Hey Jesse, it’s so nice to have you drop by.
Jesse—No, it’s my honor. How are ya?
T—(love his southern accent, not heavy, but just perfect—like his trademark 5 o’clock shadow..OMG he’s even hotter in person ladies! I’m a little stunned.) Um…I’m good. (Trying not to stare!) It’s been busy. How’s racing been going?
J—Well, the outdoor series didn’t end up where we wanted it to, but my mechanic, Shawn and I have been putting our heads together to try and change that for SuperCross which starts in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll get things turned around and get some podiums for our team.
T—I’m sure it’ll be great. So…let me ask you, is there anyone special in your life right now?
J—You like to just jump right in there with the good stuff huh?
T—(he just winked at me! But he’s about three shades of red right now, lol.) Well…I know the ladies are dying to find out if you’re on the market. I can’t believe that a good-looking guy like yourself would stay single more than five minutes, but…
J—(shakes his head with a smirk) Well, actually…no. I’m not seeing anyone right now.
T—(his light laughter was a cover up, there’s a pain to his eyes now.) Bad break-up?
J—Nope. Just trusted the wrong person. Ya know how that goes sometimes.
T—(wow…you can just sense what a soft-hearted person he is. OMG, I just want to reach out and hug him tight.) Yeah…it happens. It’s probably hard to meet people when you’re always on the road, huh?

J—(his eyes fly open) Oh my God…we meet people all right! Wow! There’s enough stories between Carter, Eli and myself for an entire book! Actually, I’ve been lucky to meet lots of nice people, and I’ve got the best friends anyone could ask for. It’s just that, well, ya know, I am kinda looking for the right girl. (he runs his palm over his jaw—OMG…I want to do that! Feel those whiskers for myself while consoling him…Crap! What did he say?) You know? I just don’t get to know women that well unless it’s someone that works with the circuit that I see on a regular basis. That’s okay, I really need to keep my head in the game anyway.
T—So (wanting to make those golden brown eyes look not so sad) I’ve heard the three of you guys together can get kind of ornery. (I watch his face light up immediately.)
J—Us? Never.
T—Then why are you fighting so hard not to laugh? (He grins widely.) You’re pretty easy to read there my friend.
J—Yeah…One of my downsides, I can’t hide a damn thing. Especially from my mother—scratch that—Molly is the one who can really pick me apart.
T—She sure is a sweetie.
J—That she is. My own sister is quite a bit younger so we never got to have the type of relationship Mol and I do. I’d turned pro and was gone by the time she was in Kindergarten…but Mol, we tease, wrestle and all that kind of stuff. But I’ve got to be really nice to her because she bakes for me.
T—The brownies? (I say teasing.) I heard.
J—Oh good grief, what else did she tell ya?
T—She said you’re the most reserved out of the three guys.
J—Okay, that’s probably not a lie.
T—And she said that even though Eli has you beat on most dancing, she said you’re a hell of a two-stepper. (He stretches his legs out at the same time I’m talking and stacks his worn cowboy boots at the ankle and crosses his impressive arms over his even more impressive chest…oh my God!)
J—I’m from Texas, I’d be kicked out of my home state if I couldn’t do even the most famous of country dances.
T—Does that mean you listen to country music too?
J—I listen to all types really, thanks to Eli and his need to control the music when we’re all hanging out, but if I’m by myself, yeah, it’s on country.
T—So, good guy, loves brownies, country music, laid-back casual dresser, and I’m sorry…but you obviously work out a lot, what else is there to tell?
J—I don’t know, I guess Mol tells me I wear my heart on my sleeve. As a guy that’s a little humbling, but I suppose it’s true.
T—Well it’s against human nature for you to be perfect, so spill it—you’ve got to have something that you’d change, or that makes you like the rest of us?
J—(rolling his eyes) I can assure you I’m not perfect! I guess, under the right circumstances, if I’m close to someone and I feel they’re threatened, I have a tendency to let go of my temper.
T—You! Temper? But you’re so calm and laid-back! Wow…I’m shocked.
J—Oh good grief! (laughing) Don’t be. Like I said, it’s really only when I feel like I need to protect my own.
T—I wouldn’t chalk that up as a bad trait in the least, sweetheart. (Oh my God, I just called him sweetheart!)
J—(winks) Thanks, Tobi…I appreciate that.
T—(Oh my God, those winks are sinful! My wall clock chimes—crap.) Oh Jesse, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to keep you this long.
J—Ah, no worries, honey. I am honored you asked me to stop in. You’ll have me back, right?
T—(he wiggles his eyebrows at me and I’m afraid I’m going to start drooling.) Oh trust me…as soon as you have time, you stop in again. The door’s always open to you, Molly and the guys.
J—(he hugs me tight and I about faint) Thanks so much. Ya have a great day, okay?
T—(trust me…I’m going to have a great month after that hug!) I will, you too. And be safe on the tracks!

See???  Who doesn't love him???  
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