Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hottie McTottie Monday 6

OMG y'all today I have the pleasure of interviewing a Hottie McTottie from Ireland!  Van from Sugar's Dance and Sugar's Song you've met Sugar and here's her handsome husband!
Hey Van!  Nice to finally meet you!  Thanks for meeting with me!
Thanks for taking the time to visit with me today Tobi, I'm always happy to spend part of my day with a beautiful woman. Sugar speaks very highly of you and I still can't believe you got her to tell you how much coffee she drinks!

Awe shucks, well Sugar is pretty easy to talk to and even I can't top what she drinks for coffee in a day!
I don't think Juan Valdez can top what she drinks for coffee in a day Tobi. *shakes head*

What made you want to go into law enforcement?
Well you could say it's in my blood. My grandfather and father were both in the Irish Army so it just seemed natural for me. After my grandmother died and I moved back to the States it was the route I took, especially after finding Lillie. Her situation really made me work hard to be a good cop. I wanted to be the person who stopped some other scumbag from hurting a child the way Lillie was hurt. I truly believe in to protect and to serve, but more than that I want to make a difference in the community where I live. I want it to be a better place because of the programs I initiate and the crimes we keep from happening by empowering the people. 
Tell me, where is a MUST see place when I visit Ireland one day? FYI I'm mostly Irish in heritage. ;)
Ahh my little Irish lassie are yeh? Well then you definitely have to visit the Blarney Stone! I know it sounds so cliché because it's what everyone says, but I can honestly tell you its not all hype. I remember the first time my grandmother took me to the Blarney stone. It doesn't even cross your mind that millions of others have kissed this same stone, it just draws you in. I remember when I took Lillie there. I almost laughed myself silly watching her lower herself down to kiss that stone! Some days I kinda wish I hadn't taken her now though, she seems to have truly gotten the gift of gab.
That leads me to another question! What is it like to be in the same room with Sugar and Lillie when they are together?
It's like a tornado! A talking, happy, laughing, singing, dancing tornado and I love every minute of it! I cherish every minute I get to share with my two favorite ladies together and their energy really is electric. 
Being a newcomer to Duluth tell me one place you would recommend everyone goes when they come visit.
This one is easy, Canal Park! Talk that long walk down the pier to the lighthouse and climb the stairs and look out over the lake. It's mesmerizing and breathtaking. Sugar always says it makes you feel small and insignificant against it, but it's also so very empowering to think about the ships that travel those lakes and the stories that can be told. Then take the lift bridge down to the Sky Harbor Airport and walk to the beach. You haven't lived until you've felt the sand and cold water of Lake Superior on your feet. It's cold, but it's exhilarating. Then of course you will need a beer and a burger so take the Lake Walk to Fitger's Brewhouse and tell them Van and Sugar sent you!
I have 2 left feet and have no rhythm can you teach me to dance?
Of course I can teach you to dance. Anyone can learn, that's not just Arthur Murray's slogan, it's true. With enough time and devotion you can learn to dance. But if you want you can just stand there and I can make you look fantastic while doing it *winks*

Fast and fun!
Height 6'1”
Eye Color Green, but don't ask Sugar because she will give you this long description about the exact color green!
What's your fave food? For sure my wife's Chicago kraut dogs!
Coffee/Tea or soda? (Caution Sugar will read this!) You think I’m afraid of her??? Okay maybe I'm a little afraid of her! Coffee in the morning with my beautiful wife. Coffee at lunch with my beautiful wife. Coffee after dinner with my beautiful wife. 
I do believe he's sucking up properly.
So your answer is coffee?
As long as it's with my beautiful wife! *grins*
What's your fave desert? Sugar's Irish crème cake
M&Ms or skittles? Peanut M&Ms for sure. Skittles get stuck in your teeth and who likes that?
Unfortunately my boys love them however they do prefer plain M&Ms Ironically that's their joint nickname also!

Thanks so much for letting me bend your ear!

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