Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tobi's Top Ten Tuesday 1

Welcome to Tobi’s Top Ten Tuesday!
I’m stumped and need your help!
Where to start with top 10 lists?
Here’s a poll with ideas and feel free to comment more ideas!
Here’s the fun part! Thanks to some amazing authors and fellow bloggers I have enough swag to do a giveaway with each TTTT!!!!!

So, answer the poll and leave a comment below WITH EMAIL so I can contact the winner! Thanks!!!

  • Different Genres?
  • Fave books to movies
  • freebies
  • Characters
  • Hottie McTotties (by genre)
  • Comment below with Idea
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  1. Favorite Heroines
    Favorite Settings
    Favorite Books to read in summer
    Best Book Covers
    Top Ten Best Ways to Relax with a Book (ie on the beach, in a hammock, etc)
    Top Ten Household Chores to Avoid (and read instead)
    Top ten books to give for birthdays or xmas
    Most romantic books
    Books with the best twist ending

    Have a great day, sweetie!! xx, Lauren