Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wanton Wednesday 1

Welcome to Wanton Wednesday!
 This new feature is to feature your favorite villains and paranormal/fantasy books!
I’m very lucky to be interviewing Wallace from STRENGTH by Carrie Butler! 

Tobi: Hi Wallace nice to meet you! Thanks for agreeing to get together!
Wallace: Hey, don’t mention it. Any friend of Rena’s is a friend of mine.
Tobi: Well, I’ll start with the hard stuff and move slowly to the easy peasy. Sound good?
Wallace: Easy peasy... *a crease forms between his brows as he concentrates* Got it.
Tobi: Where are you from?
Wallace: Scion. It’s a little suburb northwest of Columbus.
Tobi: What’s your major?
Wallace: Accounting.
Tobi: Why did you choose that?
Wallace: Why do you ask?
Tobi: Huh?
Wallace: Sorry, I figured Rena might’ve told you about the whole not-touching-people thing...
Let’s just say I’m good with numbers.
Tobi: Did you grow up going to church? What draws you to the college church instead of another?
Wallace: Not really. We went on holidays, but that was only after Cole and I went to live with Grandma and Grandpa.
I think I started going to Campus Fellowship about a month after I transferred to Wilcox. Someone invited me, and... I don’t know. For the first time in years, I felt like my hands were clean.
Tobi: Do you enjoy music? If so, what kind?
Wallace: Yeah, I listen to a lot of rock when I’m running. Mostly Shinedown.
Tobi: Could you pound a nail in a cement wall with your fist?
Wallace: Only if you want a hole in your wall.
Tobi: Now to some twin stuff! I have 2 year old twins so I’m curious about some stuff!
Wallace: You have my sympathy. Cole and I were terrors.

Tobi: Did you have a secret language or in my household I call it “twinspeak”?
Wallace: Now that you mention it, we kind of did. It was weird, though.
Tobi: Are you alike in personalities or complete opposite? My boys are already showing opposites.
Wallace: Opposites. Thank God. Cole has no impulse control. Someone gives him a dirty look, he keys their car... with their own keys... and then takes a leak in the trunk. Don’t ask me how. Most things he does are beyond me.
Tobi: Can you communicate without speaking? Like give a look and the other knows?
Wallace: Yes, and I’m pretty sure it’s a public service. You wouldn’t want to hear half of the things he conveys with his expressions.
Tobi: Can you tell when something is wrong with the other emotionally or physically?
Wallace: Oh yeah. Every time. A lot of that has to do with my... other talents, though.
Tobi: Fast and fun
Wallace: Great.
Tobi: M&M’s or Skittles?
Wallace: Skittles.
Tobi: Coffee or tea?
Wallace: Tea, and don’t look at me like that. Grandma always had a kettle on.
Tobi: Twitter or Facebook?
Wallace: I wasn’t on either of them until someone made me a Facebook account. Do you know what she did the other day? Waited until I fell asleep, drew a heart on my abs with marker, and then wrote “PROPERTY OF RENA” in the middle. Somehow—and I say this, because she laughs whenever I ask her about it—a photo got posted from my phone, and now I can’t get it off. I’ve had eighty-six friend requests since then.
She’s getting it bad next time...
Tobi: Height.
Wallace: Six-foot-four. And if you’re wondering, yes, I have over a foot on her.
Tobi: Eye Color.
Wallace: Blue.
Tobi: Fave book?
Wallace: The Call of the Wild.
Tobi: Fave food?
Wallace: Everything. Have you ever gone to one of those really cheap buffets? Suddenly, you’ve got tacos stacked on top of pizza in one hand, and you’re balancing a plate of wings with the other. Rena and I call that a sweatpants date.

Wallace had me laughing so hard!  Definitely Book Boyfriend material!  What do you think about Wallace?


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  1. This was too fun. <3 Thanks, Tobi!

  2. Great great interview! So fun! I can't wait to read this book!

  3. Oh my goodness this was too funny. I am anxious to met Wallace, Cole and Rena ooh and I need to check out his facebook page too. Uh and Wallace..try coffee, man up! *winks*