Thursday, July 11, 2013

Murder at Castle Rock - AM Stoddard

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As the manager and booking agent for Atlanta's famous Castle Rock concert venue, Amelia "Ame" Grace is ready for the most exciting week of her career: she's booked three shows and a live DVD-filming for the comeback tour of none other than the eighties Pop Rock Prince himself, Bobby Glitter! Before the rock star can take a bow on the first night, however, trouble steals the show as Castle Rock's owner takes a deadly tumble from atop the venue's 
rear tower. To make matters worse, the police suspect foul play--and all signs point to two of Castle Rock's own employees. Ame soon finds herself in a race against time to clear the names of her friends and uncover the truth before the killer decides it's curtains for her too!

*Winner, 2012 BookLogix & AJC Decatur Book Festival Writers Contest!

First thoughts after.....

Omgosh!!!!  I'm ready for the next!  

How distracted did I get??

Murder at Castle Rock is an awesome mystery that keeps you lured in from beginning to end!  With a spunky female sleuth who won't let things lie, a washed up rock star, and a dj butting in all around, there's a little someone for everyone!  I had some things figured out and in the end there was a surprise or 2.  I was so wrapped up in the story that I didn't watch ANY Glee last night!  

I give Murder at Castle Rock.......

5 Baskets

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