Monday, August 26, 2013

Hottie McTottie Monday

Happy Hottie McTottie Monday Y'all!!!
Today I'm featuring a brand new book from Debut Author Kelsey Browning!
I pre-ordered Personal Assets last month and excitedly turned on my 
Kindle to find the awesome book waiting for me!!!
I'm only a chapter or 2 in but just trust me and grab a copy now! 
You gotta love a hot Texas Man!!!

Sex therapist Allie Shelby has the professional credentials, but she could use a bit more practical experience. Finding the right man to bring out her inner bad girl is tough in a population-challenged Texas town. So when sinfully sexy Cameron Wright rolls back into Shelbyville, Allie wastes no time inviting him to join her in some hands-on research.

Cameron has come home to fulfill his dream of restoring classic cars. Back in high school, he knew the town princess, Allie Shelby, was way out of his league. Today he has even less in common with Allie, so he's shocked as hell when she propositions him. Still, he's only human, so he accepts her offer—and with each encounter, she shows him another, wilder side. Before long, he's thinking about more than just sex.

But while her personal life heats up, Allie's business is about to crash and burn. And she has to convince Cameron that she's one princess who's not looking for a prince to ride to her rescue.

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