Sunday, August 18, 2013

Movie Lovers - Jean Joachim

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Can revenge turn to regret? Duped by slick, famous producer, Gunther Quill, Grace Brewster makes the biggest mistake of her life. Feeling humiliated by Quill and Jake Matthews, her sister’s Broadway co-star, Grace vows to even the score with both men. Using an alias and the Internet, she executes a genius payback plot. Her attacks hit their mark, wounding her intended targets. But she didn’t count on her sharp words going viral before she can blink, taking the injury to a new level.
Her satisfaction is short-lived when the scheme turns sour. Her plan backfires, turning into a huge secret she shares with a cold-blooded tabloid journalist. Can she trust this ruthless opportunist to keep her secret from the man she loves and the sister she adores? Or will she be exposed and robbed of the only happiness she’s known since the death of her beloved mother?

First thoughts after.....
As always I'm left wanting more!

How distracted did I get???
Movie Lovers is a fun edgy romance.  I enjoyed getting to know Gracie and Jake and watching their characters develop.  Sexy love scenes and hot disagreements leaves you wanting more.  This time watch out for the Hot bad guy!  The Hollywood Hearts series never disappoints!  Movie Lovers is a must for your romance shelf!

I give Movie Lovers........

5 Baskets!!!!

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