Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Book Birthday Week!

Happy Book Birthday week to 
Eris Kelli!
Make sure y'all check out all her books and show some love!

5 Stars
New Adult Paranormal Romance
Piper made a promise, one that holds Baobhans and Gypsies from finishing the war they’ve begun. She must learn the ways of these Scottish Vampires, but is that all they will require of her?

Nicholas of the Gypsies and werewolves loves her but is he strong enough to protect her? His love for her is boundless. There is no creature he would not fight to save her. Is his love powerful enough to save Piper from herself? They are going to find out whether they want to or not.

Everyone must choose on which path of life they will tread. When Piper LeVine looks back at the stones of her path, will they be of honor or betrayal?

Don't miss the first book in the series!
Only $.99!!!

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