Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sultry Saturday

Happy Sultry Saturday y'all!
Today I'm going to feature a book that Blue Remy brought to my attention!
THE ONE by Hazel St. James!
Let me tell you this is on my wishlist!!!!
Sit back and enjoy the scenery!

4 Stars
New Adult Romance
Jordan Brooks is a determined, hard-working twenty two year old that is forced to run the family ranch in Montana, even with a promising sports career laid out in front of him. He gives up his dreams to take care of his family, and everyone from his former life fades away, including his fiancee. Jordan faces the cold reality of spending the rest of his life alone. 
Abby Dunn, an obnoxious priss from the big city, is left flat broke in Montana, after her so-called "boyfriend" leaves her asleep in a rundown motel room, when he realizes her rich family has cut her off and she is penniless. 
She happens into Jordan, and he offers her a job on the ranch and a place to stay. The two quickly become fast friends, but neither want a relationship. But can their feelings for each other truly remained masked, when they spend every waking minute with each other? Does everything in their former lives stay gone for good?

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