Monday, December 16, 2013

Silk Romance - Helena Fairfax

Sophie Challoner is sensible and hard-working, and a devoted carer of her father. One night her grandmother throws a ball for her in Paris…and Sophie does something reckless that she can never forget. 
Jean-Luc Olivier is not a man to treat lightly. And so when fate takes a hand years after the ball, and reunites him with Sophie in Lyon, he is determined not to let her go a second time.
But it seems the fates are conspiring against their happiness. Jean-Luc has secrets of his own. And when disaster strikes at home in London, Sophie is faced with a choice—stay in this glamorous world with the man she loves, or return to her family to keep a sacred promise she made her mother.

First thoughts after....
Great book!  Helena Fairfax is going on my must read list!

How distracted did I get?
Silk Romance is an addictive romance that I would recommend to anyone!  Sophie is straight-laced, serious and afraid of love.  I felt for her throughout the story with issues she's been through in life.  Jean Luc is a hottie mctottie that will steal your heart.  I loved being able to read his pov throughout the story.  This is a great romance that I finished in about 24 hours.  I love the fact that it's a book I can recommend to my mom and sisters as well.
I give Silk Romance....

5 Baskets

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