Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Valentine Read Picks!

Hey Y'all Happy Valentines Day!
My day will consist of hanging with the kids.
Hubs is working both jobs so you know reading and kids.
But here are some of my picks of great reads for Valentines.
A mix of genres but all fun and 4+ baskets!


  1. That looks like a great list! I'm a little partial to Lucky Number Four. Can't figure out why. Happy Valentine's Day, Tobi!

  2. Tobi, you're awesome! Thank you for including Married to Maggie amongst those other amazing books!! You rock, woman!! Happy Valentines Day to you, your hubby and sweet boys!!

  3. Thank you for selecting RESCUE MY HEART, Tobi. I'm thrilled!!

  4. Aw, Tobi! Thanks so much for including THE PRACTICE PROPOSAL as a Valentine's read. It's awesome to be included with so many incredible authors and stories. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! :)