Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tag...You're It - Tonya Kappes

YA/Teen Paranormal
After a horrible accident claimed the life of her best friend, seventeen year old Honor Prescott claims she can hear, see and touch dead people. To escape the ridicule, Honor's parents move her clear across the country to Harmony, Kentucky for a fresh start.

Honor’s dead best friend, Hillary Cooper, is desperate to help her friend and reveals the greatest secret a high schooler could know. The IT list, a national secret society that gives you instant popularity and Hillary has just put Honor’s name on the top of that list and everything is about to change.

The most popular guy in school, gorgeous, smart Chad Bowman suddenly only has eyes for Honor, knocking uber-popular Minnie Thompson off the top of the IT list.

Honor is drawn deeper into the popular world while trying to keep the other ghosts at bay, unearthing Harmony’s scandalous secrets that were meant to stay buried.

Only in the middle of her every wish come true, Honor finds out that being popular isn't all it's cracked up to be and can sometimes be murderous.

First thoughts after....
OMgosh!!!!!  That's all OMgosh!!!!!

How distracted did I get?
Tag...You're IT is a YA novel like I've never read before!  I love the mix of romance, paranormal and a bit of mystery all tied together!  Honor is fun, smart and wants to be popular!  (Hey who doesn't?) Does she see ghosts? Is it a hallucination?  Who knows?'s a new book boyfriend for y'all!  Let's all fall in love!  Sweet and hot, who needs more right?  Nemesis Minnie, mean girl and smart…you better watch out Honor.  Tag Your IT is fun and Tonya Kappes has exceeded all of my faves of her books!!! Y'all KNOW I LOVE HER BOOKS!
I give Tag...You're IT...….

5 Baskets!
I'd give 10 if I could!

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