Monday, March 31, 2014

Beyond Reason - Karice Bolton

Contemporary Romance
Lily’s off and running the moment she graduates. She’s working at one of the most prestigious PR firms in Portland where her ambition propels her ahead at the firm and she loves it.

Between decorating her new apartment and focusing solely on work, she has no time for dating, which is ideal since that’s never been her strong suit. At least not since she ran away from her high school sweetheart several years before.

After more than a handful of somewhat sketchy relationships in college, she’s come up with a few dating guidelines. 

1. Don’t date the boss. 
2. Don’t date his son.
3. Stay away from Professors, even if not in school
4. At an event, never consume more than two drinks — okay maybe three.
5. Always have a backup plan.
6. Never leave your items unattended.
7. Never fall in love.

As long as she sticks to the rules everything should be fine, but that’s always been her problem. She never sticks to the rules, and she has two best friends determined to find her perfect match, even if that means digging up her old high school boyfriend.

First thoughts after...
That flew!!  I can't wait for Beyond Intent!!!!!

How distracted did I get?
Beyond Reason is a fun filled romance that rocked.  Lily had me torn in what I was rooting for, but between Ayden and Austin I'm TOTALLY 100% Team Ayden!  I loved watching the romance unfold and waited for the other shoe to drop so to speak.  From beginning to end I was hooked and reeled in.
I give Beyond Reason….

5 baskets!

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