Monday, March 24, 2014

Fragile Creatures - Kristina Circelli

YA/Teen Coming of Age
Seventeen-year-old Evangeline Frost had a great life, until the car accident that killed her father and turned her mother into a bitter alcoholic. Unable to bear the guilt, Evangeline attempts to take her own life, saved only by the memory of her beloved father. 

Left with no other options, Evangeline is enrolled in a program for troubled teens at Kindred Hides Wildlife Preserve. There she meets Caster, a keeper as annoying as he is caring; Jett and Lettie, who treat her more like a daughter than troubled teen; and Ruke, a prized giraffe in mourning for his lost mate.

Immersed in the preserve with her new friends, Evangeline finally begins to heal. But the haunting memories of the accident and her mother’s unforgiving words threaten to destroy her progress. Only her new friends and their unconditional support, along with her own special connection with Ruke, can save her.

Evangeline must learn that there is redemption for her father’s death, and that the bonds between human, animal, and life are not as fragile as she once thought.

First thoughts after…
Awesome story!  I would love to find out the next step in Evangiline's story.

How distracted did I get?
Fragile Creatures is an emotionally awesome coming of age story.  Evangaline is strong.  Stronger emotionally than most characters I've read.  I want to sweep up and take care of her.  I'm baffled with what she goes through, though I do know it happens…wow, just wow.  Caster is an amazing hottie mctottie who is supportive and nurturing.  Ash, I would love to smack her upside the head and hope someone does.  I was so wrapped up in the story I threw one of my frozen meals (chicken cordon bleau pasta bake) I had on hand from being laid up to cook instead of cooking up some chicken.  From beginning to end I was hooked on Evangeline's story
I give Fragile Creatures….

5 Baskets!

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