Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sultry Saturday

Happy Sultry Saturday!
Today I'm featuring a fun looking book that caught my eye.
Y'all know my fave indulgence is cowboy/western Romances!
Perfect for Sultry Saturday!
It's going on my wish list for my birthday this year!
Check it out!

Western Romance
When strange and exotic little Brand sister, Selene, is out by the falls, dancing half naked with her fellow rebellious tree worshipping types, a stranger stumbles out of the woods and falls at her feet. He’s been stabbed. And when he opens his eyes, all he sees is a topless wood-nymph holding a dagger. When she bends close and asks his name, he realizes that he doesn’t know the answer. 

Someone is trying to kill Cory Falconer because he knows something he can’t remember. And the only person on his side is a witchy little vegetarian who’s running away for her own reasons. 

Sensual romance. Approximately 71,000 words. 

*The Brand family, including the Texas Bunch, come together near the conclusion of this novel. This is the only one of the Oklahoma All-Girl Brands to contain just a touch of magic. 

If you liked the films Practical Magic or Hope Floats, you’ll love this story.

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