Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Engaging Kennewick - Sarah Jayne Carr

Dystopian/Dark Fantasy
Molly Kennewick is involved in a long-distance relationship with a secretive IA employee named Dane Pascall. A prior breakup gone wrong with a resident bad boy leaves a bad taste in Molly’s mouth and also leaves her on edge. A significant amount of time has passed since Axel vanished from her life, but he’s been reminding her of his presence in peculiar ways. A weekend getaway is what Molly believes she needs to clear her head, but history is waiting with bated breath to repeat itself. Can Molly resolve her past and present before her future goes up in flames?

First thoughts after
If this story doesn't get you hooked into a new to you series I don't know what will!

How distracted did I get?
Engaging Kennewick is an fascinating short story that will hook you.  I will tell you to plan on buying the next book at least!  I enjoyed Molly, though I wish she'd stood up for herself a little more concerning her relationship with Dane but no one is perfect!  Dane, I want to learn more about him.  He's a mysterious hottie mctottie and I need to know more!  If you're looking for a new series this appears to be a good one to start!  
I give Engaging Kennewick….

4.5 Baskets!!!

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