Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wanton Wednesday 4/16/14

Happy Wanton Wednesday!
Today I'm featuring a book that is Purrrfect for today!
Check out PIXIE THE LION TAMER by Georgette St. Claire

Paranormal Romance
117 pages
Pixie Montana is a reformed (mostly) thief and a hustler. Dominick is the sexy lion shifter who’s been voted “most likely to bite Pixie’s head off – literally”. And the two of them are Shifters, Inc.’s, only hope. A mysterious intruder has infected the staff of Shifters, Inc. with a deadly plague, and his price for the cure is a mysterious jewel known as The Bloodstone – a jewel that’s impossible to steal,
because it kills all those who touch it. If Pixie doesn’t return with the jewel in 3 days, every one of her friends will die. Pixie and Dominick must set aside their differences and battle their strange, growing attraction to each other, or demons from both of their pasts will derail their mission and put all of their lives at risk. 

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