Thursday, April 17, 2014

Weightless - Michele Gorman

RomCom Short
Annabel's not surprised when nobody recognizes her at her 10 year reunion. The spotty fat teen nicknamed AnnaBall by the school bullies is long gone. But standing on the edge of the popular crowd, she still feels like that girl. That is, until Jack, her teen crush, starts flirting with her. Much to her amusement, he has mistaken her for Christy Blake, Annabel's chief tormenter before she moved to France in their last year.

It's just a bit of fun at first, letting Jack believe she's Christy. After all, he was nuts about her before she said au revoir to England. And when he asks Annabel out, the fun becomes something even more interesting. The more they date the deeper they fall for each other. So what if Annabel has to fib a little to keep up the fa├žade?

As the lies start compounding, and she realizes that they're falling in love, she has to tell him who she really is. But she'll lose the love of her life if she does.

How distracted did I get?
Weightless is a cute romance short story.  The story is a fun read for a lunch break.  Without giving much away for a short story I enjoyed the characters and would love to see more into the relationship between Annabel and Jack and Annabel and her clients.
I give Weightless….

4 Baskets!!!!

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