Monday, May 5, 2014

Hottie McTottie Monday

Happy Hottie McTottie Monday y'all!
Today I have a HUGE treat for you!
I'm interviewing Leo for DONE WITH LOVE by +Niecey Roy 
Be ready to fall hard ladies!  
Photo Credits for Leo: Eric Battershell Fit Fotography shot these images, which were used for Niecey's cover.

Tobi:  Hey Leo!
Welcome to Hottie McTottie Monday!  How are you doing today?

Leo:  Pretty good. Thanks for having me.

T:  What all does a security guy like you do during the day?

L:  Protect people…you know. *smiles* Make sure Lex isn’t getting into any trouble with my cousin, that kind of thing.

T:  To get through the day do you Coffee or Tea it?

L:  Neither. If I need energy, I make smoothies. Lots of vitamins. *biceps flex beneath his grey thermal*

T:  Where’s the favorite place you’ve been in the world?

L:  I’ve been to a lot of places—I’m ex-Army. But I’d have to say the best memories…St. Lucia. Followed a knockout blonde there once. *grins*

T:  If you could have any car what would it be?

L:  I like fast. I wouldn’t mind having a Porsche Carrera.

T:  Do you work out or drink to put up with Lexie?

L:  *smile softens* She can be handful, but I’m not a drinker. I take my frustration out at the gym.

T:  What’s your favorite past memory of Lexie?

L:  The day I left for Iraq, she looked at me like she’d wait for me forever and I knew she would if I let her. Real love, you know ? *shakes his head, his brows pucker with the memory* Time stopped so I could memorize her face. I’ll never forget the way she looked at me before I got on that bus.

T:  What’s the most favorite thing you and your brother did together growing up?

L:  We fished with our old man up at our cabin on the lake. He always caught the most fish. *corners of his lips press into a ghost of a smile* Jason always told the worst jokes, but they were so bad, they were funny.

T:  Can you describe your tattoos for us?

L:  *looks down at his arm* They’re covered up with my shirt, but the one on my bicep is a bald eagle, wrapped around my arm, and my brother’s name and memorial.
I’m proud to have served my country, and I’m honored to wear my brother’s name on my arm. He was a real hero.

T:  And lastly, what do you hope to see Lexie wear for your wedding?

L:  Doesn’t matter what she wears, she’ll always be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. *laughs* I’m just hoping she doesn’t run before the vows.

T:  Thank you so much Leo for spending time talking to me today!
Anything else you want to let us know?

L:  Yeah. If you know any women getting married, send them to Lexie’s bridal boutique. *grins* A busy Lexie means no crazy schemes brewing with her and my cousin, Rox.

I don't know about y'all but I'm hooked on this Hottie McTottie even if he doesn't drink coffee!  What do y'all think about Leo?

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  1. Mmmmmmm he wins the Hottie McTottie award for the week for sure!

    1. So true! I can't wait to meet Chase!!

  2. Leo is hotness in a big, sexy package, for sure :) I couldn't be more happy with the cover of this book! Colin Wayne really is the perfect cover model to represent Leo in this book 乂⍱‿●乂

    Thanks so much for featuring Leo from Done With Love today.

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for sharing him with us! I think I speak for most when I say WHOA! Colin Wayne did amazing for the cover!

  3. Also, Eric Battershell from Eric Battershell Fit Fotography is AMAZING! He's the photographer for my next book coming out the end of this summer. Woohoo!