Friday, May 23, 2014

Keeping Kylee - Jan Romes

Millionaire Quinn Randel is a world-class philanthropist and a world-class ass. He has a perfect life and doesn't want to muck it up with marriage and kids. And then he meets luscious Kylee Steele; barmaid, single mother and college student. Kylee makes him nervous with just a look and her kisses take him completely out of his comfort zone. Can he stop being a jerk to find love? Will the secret he carries close to his heart keep them apart? 

Kylee Steele let her guard down once for love and received a broken heart, but also a beautiful daughter. Things are finally starting to go right. She's a hard worker with her eye on the prize -- a PhD in psychology. Smooth-talking Quinn Randel comes at her with intense bedroom eyes and an attitude that he can have her despite her efforts to shut him down. His relentless pursuit puts her heart, head and body at odds. She wants him but he's a risk she can't afford. She wants him but guys like him are not in it for the long haul. She wants him…

First thoughts after
Jan Romes did it again.  I can't wait for Taming Tori!

How distracted did I get?
Keeping Kylee is definitely a "tension" filled romance that keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for the couple to get together.  Kylee is fun and intelligent and a character you can easily attach yourself to.  She's a fighter who deserves a happy ending.  Quinn, he's the bad boy that's not truly one.  He gives a good front and even though it takes a bit of time he's extremely likable.  Tori, I'm still not sure on her.  I want to like her but I don't.  Last but not least, Gabbi steals the show with her wonderful personality. She's a fun, smart, and sweet three year old.  As far as the leaking of personal info to the paparazzi, I'm dying to find out who it is.  I whipped right through this story and enjoyed every single second.  If you enjoy sweet romances I highly recommend checking this one out.
I give Keeping Kylee…

5 Baskets!!!

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