Monday, May 12, 2014

the Palms - S. Celi

*This story is novella length, at 23,000 words.

Three days on Palm Beach will change everything. We all have one--the one who got away. For 31-year-old Trent Matthews, that woman is Lauren Crawford. For 28-year-old Lauren Crawford, that man is Trent Matthews.

Ten years after they last saw each other on Palm Beach, an unexpected night at The Breakers sends Lauren and Trent roaring back into each others lives. She's still sassy, sexy, and sophisticated. He's still rich, handsome, and an expert with women. The years have passed, but old feelings haven't died. Not even close. Now, these two have a second chance at love. 

The problem is--Trent left Lauren without any explanation in 2002. She's still mad and confused. Back then, Trent had his reasons--about a dozen--for his abrupt exit from her life. But even a decade later, he doesn't want to admit all of them--or make them public. And that hesitation may cost him Lauren. Forever. Will Trent admit the mistakes of his youth? Will Lauren grant Trent her forgiveness? Or will they lose love again underneath THE PALMS?

First thoughts after
That's a great example of how a short story should be!

How distracted did I get?
the Palms is a great novella romance.  I was drawn in with Lauren's bantering with a bartender in the first two pages.  The story flowed and I was drawn in by the mystery that was Trent.  Trent wants forgiveness and he's willing to fight for it.  I would love to see more of these two.  I highly recommend this book if you enjoy romance and it's great for your breaks at work or kid's nap time.
I give the Palms…

5 Baskets!

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