Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wanton Wednesday

Happy Wanton Wednesday!
I hope everyone has a beautiful day!
Today I'm sharing a book that sounds AH-MAZING! 
I added it to my wish list!

Historical Paranormal Romance/RomCom
A woman of extraordinary talents... 

Lusinda Havershaw turns invisible in moonlight—just her, not her clothes. She can’t help it or prevent the process; it just happens. The descendent of a rare race, her ancestors have been burned as witches, persecuted and tormented as the devil’s children. She must be careful to avoid detection. However, as her family has no other means of support, she reluctantly sheds her petticoats and corset during full moons to prowl the gas-lit streets of London, stark naked, as a thief for hire. 

A man with a dangerous mission... 

The only tools British spy and master safecracker James Locke needs are his hands and his brains. But when a hand tremor threatens his mission to secure a list of agents for the Crown, the accidental discovery of a lady thief with an extraordinary secret may just be his salvation. However, as James and Lusinda discover, there’s more than one kind of trouble to be found in the moonlight. The kind that begins with blackmail and ends with a kiss... 

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