Sunday, June 8, 2014

Spent Lives - Mila A. Ballentine Promo

Spent Lives
Author: Mila A. Ballentine
Genre:  Mystery Thriller
Cover Artist: Mila A. Ballentine
François Laurent grew up in the shadow of what happened all those years ago and his life hadn’t been the same since. He tucked the memories of that day away in a dark corner of his mind, but hurtful things don’t stay hidden for long. His painful secrets resurfaced when a crime fragmented their charming town and François Laurent found himself in the midst of it all. As a result, he pursued Maureen Leatherby, the town’s kooky foreigner. She was always willing to assist patrons when the occasion arose, but it always came with a price.

About the Author
Mila A. Ballentine is a mystery writer who doesn't shy away from writing about things that grasp the core of her imagination. Her writing is an extension of her mind’s eye and there is always elements of truth in each of her books. When, she's not writing, she enjoys traveling or doing anything that allows her to put her creative energy to use.

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  1. I hope that your viewers will consider reading Spent Lives. Thank you for spreading the word about this riveting story.