Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Teen Tuesday 6/24/14

Happy Teen Tuesday!
Today I'm featuring the first book in a series I read a while back!
The next book is now out and on my wish list!  
This is an AWESOME BOOK!

YA Fantasy
Accidentally marrying a beautiful stranger—what’s the worst that could happen?

“Why did I say yes? Because when fate throws you the one thing you have always wanted, you grab hold of it and never let go. And even though it’s dangerous. And even if I have to leave everything behind, my answer is and always will be…yes.”

When seventeen-year-old Patrick Connolly accepted an invitation for a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip to Vegas from his longtime crush, the beautiful and seemingly unattainable Nualla Galathea, the last thing he expected was to wake up married to her. Or that she’d turn out to not even be human, but a Kalodaemon—a race of gazelle-horned creatures that have spent several millennia concealing themselves amongst us. As Patrick’s life becomes caught up in the strange and mysterious world of the daemons—a world hidden amongst ours through a clever construct comprised of secrets and supertech—he may have to face the very real possibility that accidentally marrying a beautiful stranger may be the least of his problems. Because that one desperately rash choice might just lead to his death.

In her mesmerizing debut series, up and coming author Alicia Kat Vancil leads you on an unforgettable thrill ride through the swirling fog of San Francisco that will leave your heart pounding.

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