Friday, August 1, 2014

Chasing Magic - Gena D. Lutz

Fantasy Romance 
Anika Webb is an extremely talented witch with certain goals in mind; pass the final hex-trial at Mystic Manor, and spend the rest of her free time tussling beneath the sheets with her hunky-warlock lover, Drake. 

But with all good intentions, evil will fatefully intercede. 

After a jealous foe unleashes a hailstorm of mischief onto an unsuspecting small-town, Anika finds herself battling a volatile spell; where all bets are off, and magic will fly

First thoughts after
Boy I hope theres another story!

How distracted did I get?
Chasing Magic is the perfect novella.  It sweeps you up in the story immediately the perfect beginning, middle and end.  Anika and Faing are the perfect duo.  All I can say is I want a dragon like Faing.  Anika is loyal and brave.  I love that she tries and has faith in others even if they don't deserve it.  Drake, wow Drake, beefcake, hottie mctottie, you name it.  This handsome warrior can make your knees all wobbly!  Ginger, she's such a fun, charming, and cute little fairy!  I'd like to bring her home. Dante, well as Ginger says HUNK! Make that 2 hottie mctotties in one novella!  Chasing Magic is a fun paranormal romance that had me wrapped in its pages like a warm blanket and made my day better!
I give Chasing Magic…

5 baskets!

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