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Hottie McTottie Monday/December's Kiss - Katie Mettner

Happy Hottie McTottie Monday!
Today I'm featuring the 2nd book in the SNOWBERRY CHRISTMAS series!
You can always count on Katie Mettner to write sweet and sexy Hottie McTotties!


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

It’s nearly Christmas in Snowberry Minnesota, but Jay Alexander is feeling anything but jolly. Stuck in the middle of town square with a flat tire on his worn out wheelchair leaves him feeling grinchy.

December Kiss has only been in Snowberry for a few months when she happens upon this broken down boy next door. His sandy brown hair and quirky smile has her hoisting his wheelchair into the back of her four horse Cherokee.

When a December romance blooms Jay wants to give December just one thing for Christmas, her brother. Will Jay get his December Kiss under the mistletoe Christmas Eve?

I had a chance to interview Jay Alexander, Mr. Hottie McTottie himself!

Tobi: Welcome to Forget The Housework I’m Reading, Jay. Is it okay if I call you Jay?

Jay: Of course, please do. I really hate being called Jason. Only my mother and Dully call me that, and only to get a rise out of me.

Tobi: You don’t like the name Jason?

Jay: No, I don’t like it, in fact, I hate it. I can’t tell you why, but its just not me. Maybe that doesn’t make sense, but in my mind I’m Jay Alexander, a simple country boy who's anything but pretentious and snooty enough to need a name like Jason.

Tobi: *Giggling* I’m not sure people would consider you pretentious or snooty if you used the name Jason. It’s pretty common, but I know what you mean. I have three little guys who will probably decide in a few years they want to go by something else too.

Jay: Oh you have three boys? That makes you a super mom! I know this, my mom had four of us. I’m pretty sure she deserves a medal, and I’m pretty sure she drank a lot when we were kids.

Tobi: It’s possible, but hopefully just coffee?

Jay: Ha! That did make her sound a bit like a lush, sorry Mom. She drank a lot of coffee, still does actually. She and December will sit for hours over a pot and hash out ways to torture me with my old baby pictures.

Tobi: Oh, that hurts. Do they have lots of baby pictures of you in diapers?

Jay: Plenty, but I was pretty cute when I was in diapers, if I do say so myself. There are just so many of them, since I’m the baby of the family.

Tobi: Best place to be if you ask me! I’m the baby too, it has its perks.

Jay: You mean getting picked on, wearing hand me downs and never being alone.

Tobi: YESSSSSS, but also being doted on, getting anything you want from your siblings or you pretend to cry, and being the favorite child.

Jay: *Fist bump* I see you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Tobi: That I do. Now, I have to tell you, I was drawn to you immediately. My husband is a social worker at a hospital.

Jay: No way! That’s so cool. I can say I am one, but I’m sure learning the ropes right now. It’s not easy, but I know it’s what I’m meant to do.

Tobi: How are you feeling? I know you had that unfortunate chair issue on Main Street.

Jay: Ugh, don’t remind me. Running over a nail with your wheelchair is so lame. I mean how did I NOT see the nail? I won’t complain too loudly though, I did meet a beautiful woman because of it.

Tobi: Miss Kiss. December Kiss. I just love that name, it’s so perfect. I want to put on lip gloss and blow air kisses saying, “Sealed with a December Kiss”.

Jay: *Laughing* She has a great name. Funny you mention that lip gloss thing, Sunny always wants to do the same thing.

Tobi: I love little Miss Sunny, she’s so sweet! She reminds me of her mommy, Snow. She may be little, but she’s loud when she wants to be, and I think she wants you with December.

Jay: Oh yes she does. We have her ‘approval’, you know. It’s important to have that before you do anything in life. At least it is for me. She may only be four, but she’s had my heart since day one.

Tobi: You’re such a good uncle. She’s a lucky little girl. I don’t want to give away too much of your story, but tell me what your favorite thing about December is.

Jay: That might be tough because I love so much about December. She’s beautiful in a down to earth way. She doesn’t have to cake on make-up for hours before she’ll leave the house like a lot of women I know. She’s real and she’s honest. She cries with her patients as much as she laughs with them. She has such a big heart and she can always pick out the people who need a smile or a hug right at that moment. She doesn’t do fake pity, but she does empathy in a way I’ve never experienced. She’s also an amazing kisser. *wink wink*

Tobi: *Snicker* I actually meant about the month of December, but I think that answer was far more enlightening.

Jay: *Blushes* Oops.

Tobi: *Laughing* It’s okay, I loved your answer! It was really nice to meet you Jay and I hope when Christmas rolls around you get your…

Jay: December Kiss?

Tobi: YES!

Jay: Stay tuned…… 

Excerpt from December Kiss:

She jumped from the car and pulled open the hatch. I turned in the seat and watched her strong arms pull the chair down, and carefully set it on the wheels.
She stuck her head in the back. “Hey, how you gonna get this fixed? Do you need me to call Snow?” She asked, it suddenly dawning on her that the chair still wouldn’t work, even if I was at my car.
“I have a repair kit in my truck. I’ll pull the wheel off and fix it before I leave.” I said and she nodded before closing the hatch.
I watched in the mirror as she rolled the chair forward on the front two wheels and then set it next to the door. I opened it and we repeated the earlier process to get back into the chair. I clicked open the lock on my truck and pulled open the driver’s side door.
“Thanks for the ride back. I hope I didn’t make you late.” I stuttered.
“Nah, my boss is cool; I sent her a text to let her know I’d be a few minutes yet.” December said, standing on the running board of her Jeep. “I gotta move this to employee parking, are you sure you’ll be okay?”
I smiled up at her and nodded, “I’m good, thanks again. Hey, I’d like to make it up to you. Can I buy you dinner sometime?”
“I’d like that. I’m new to town and don’t know too many people. I’d really like to get to know you better, Jay. I’m off Friday and Saturday.” She smiled and waited. I was smiling at her, in disbelief that she had actually accepted my invitation.
I realized she was waiting for an answer and I stuttered. “Say, ahhhh, Saturday would be great. I have to take Sunny to gymnastics in the morning, how about four o’clock?”
“Perfect! I gotta go, but I’ll get your number from Snow and text you directions?”
I nodded and she waved, ready to climb in when I called her name, “Wait, what’s your last name?” I asked and she popped her head back out, a naughty grin tipping her lips.
And then she was gone. 

 First thoughts after…
I can't wait for Noel's story!!!

How distracted did I get?
December Kiss is the perfect follow up to Snow Daze.  Once again Katie Mettner has me attached to amazing characters in an awesome snowy world.  Jay is a funny, independent, sweet, hottie mctottie.  I wanted to know more about him since I read Snow Daze.  He has a good heart and is a protector/helper of family and friends.  December, I love her.  She has a fun sense of humor and an innocence about her that is endearing and she is also a caretaker.  The connection between Jay and December is amazing and engaging.  If you're looking for a great romance that pulls at your heart strings this is the book for you.
I give December Kiss…

5 baskets!!!

*Don't forget Snow Daze, book 1 of the Snowberry Christmas series is free on Amazon through tomorrow!

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  1. Shoot! I missed the giveaway on this one! I loved the first book in the series so I have to read this one for sure. I'm glad you loved it.