Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tempting Thursday/Life is Sweet - Elizabeth Bass

Women's fiction
Three years ago, Becca Hudson threw a dart at a map, hit Leesburg, Virginia, and decided it was the perfect place to start over. Now she has her own bakery, The Strawberry Cake Shop, loyal customers, and close friends. She also has something that success as a Hollywood child star couldn't give her: a mostly normal existence. Not that it's without complications. One best friend, Pam, is in the wary early days of a new relationship; another is fighting to save her marriage in the midst of infidelity. And then there's Becca's growing attraction to Matthew, surrogate stepdad to Olivia, a smart, sensitive ten-year-old who's become a fixture in the bakery and in Becca's affections.
Still, Becca is content to live in the present and ignore the "Whatever happened to?" speculation and occasional curious fan--until her past barges in again. Amid revelations and unexpected dilemmas, Becca must confront the life she stepped away from and the love she struggles to accept. It's the only way she'll truly find what she needs: a recipe for living that's honest, messy, sweet, and true.
In an eloquent novel as moving as it is funny, acclaimed author Elizabeth Bass tells a story of forgiveness, resilience--and the unexpected detours that shape every journey to happiness.

First thoughts after
Write it down.  This is one of the first times I've been perfectly content with the ending of a book!

How distracted did I get?
Life is Sweet is a fun women's fiction.  It's a bit different than what I normally read but this book had me reeled in after a few chapters.  I enjoyed Becca and her history.  She's easy to like and trusts easily.  She's a faithful friend whether her friends are or not.  Olivia, stole my heart.  She's wrapped up in a hot mess and I wanted to give her hugs and take her home.  Pam, Olivia's bff and employee, I wanted to like her but I wanted to Bless her Heart through most of the book.  Matthew, I felt for him as much as I did for Becca and Olivia.  He's sweet, loves a child that's not his almost as much as if she were his own, and a hottie mctottie!  I loved his journey through the book.  
I give Life is Sweet….

4 baskets!

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