Friday, November 21, 2014

Sweet Tea & Chocolate Cake 10 Year Anniversary Luncheon Recap

Wow, wow, wow!  
I went to my first Big Author Event November 8th in Augusta, GA!
Sweet Tea & Chocolate Cake Author Reader Luncheon!
Mom and I loaded up, dropped my boys at my SIL's and we were off for a girls weekend!
We got down in time for the dinner out and we got to sit with +Tonya Kappes, her mom, her bff Lisa and fellow reader Heather!  It was so fun getting to know everyone in person and hanging out!
Here are a few pics from the evening!

Here's the link for Tonya's Amazon and B&N

We woke up and hit the breakfast buffet and I found….
With Sugar Free syrups!  Yes, I drank about $30 worth of Starbucks that weekend! (at least)

About 11:30 was a wonderful luncheon.  We were at Tonya Kappes' table and had a blast!
Tonya made each of us wonderful gifts and our hostess from the STACC book club Anu made a beautiful centerpiece with jewelry inspired by Tonya's book Carpe Bead 'Em.

After the luncheon and speakers Dianna Love and Tonya Kappes!!!  I love hearing their stories and learning new things! <3

After we got to meet and buy signed books by the authors that each had their own tables
Including +Jocie McKade+Nancy Naigle, K.D. Wood, +Jodi Vaughn+Larissa Reinhart+Hildie McQueen (whose book club hosted the luncheon), +Linda Joyce+Jordan K Rose, Jessica Hawke, Melissa Klein and SO many more!

Selfie with Tonya

Jocie McKade <3

Nancy Naigle <3
My badge with a witch hat from Tonya!
My books

Everyone I met was super sweet and I believe everyone was so excited to be there and meet and greet.
Again, I wish I had thought to take more pics.  The next event I go to I'll do much better!  

Links for all the authors listed that I met!

KD Wood  Amazon  B&N
Melissa Klein Amazon  B&N
Jocie McKade  Amazon  B&N
Nancy Naigle  Amazon  B&N
Jordan K Rose  Amazon   B&N
Larissa Reinhart  Amazon  B&N
Dianna Love  Amazon   B&N
Jessica Hawke Amazon  B&N
Jodi Vaughn  Amazon  B&N
Linda Joyce  Amazon   B&N
Tonya Kappes  Amazon   B&N


  1. So much fun! It was great to meet you guys!

  2. Great post Tobi, I enjoyed meeting you and your mom, we had so much fun that weekend.