Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tempting Thursday/Thin Girls Don't Eat Cake - Lindy Dale

After being dumped because her bottom looks like an unpeeled orange, discovering she’s heavy enough to appear on The Biggest Loser and mistaken for a pregnant woman, Olivia Merrifield is understandably depressed. So depressed, that the only way she can console herself is with a bag of peppermint slices.
Since finishing her degree, the road has become rocky for Olivia. Her longing for a baby has led to an unhealthy relationship with cake. Her inability to choose a boyfriend who’s not married, weird or a player has given her self-esteem a swift kick to the kerb. Moving back to her hometown of Merrifield hasn’t helped either. Her friends are playing happy families and her mother is on her case — when she’s not joining a Kama Sutra yoga class or taking a younger lover, that is.
Deciding it’s time to make over her life, Olivia embarks on a diet regime. She meets the gorgeous Cole Anderson, a former property renovator who’s recently moved to town and is causing quite a stir every time he bends over. But between grieving the death of his daughter, setting up a business and avoiding the bevy of reporters who want to document his every move, Cole hasn’t had a lot of time to get life back on an even keel. He’s merely existing until Olivia comes along.
Cole likes Olivia and Olivia definitely likes Cole. He’s hot, sensible and a natural with babies.
If only he didn’t own that cupcake shop across the road…. 

First thoughts after…
Sigh….awesome ending!

How distracted did I get?
Once again Lindy Dale does it again.  She's wrapped me up in a whole new fictional world she's created.  Olivia is fun, sweet and a bit of a klutz.  But, hey I'm the gal who broke her ankle in 2 places with cartilage damage tripping over a baby gate!  Who's to judge?  I love her.  Her dealing with her bff Alice was wonderful and patient.  Cole and Olivia's chemistry singed my iPhone! Cole is oblivious at times but he's an awesome hottie mctottie.  He has a patience and care with Olivia that I love and he's a total sweetheart to boot.  From beginning to end I was soaking in this funny quick moving story  Seriously, it's awesome!
I give Thin Girls Don't Eat Cake...

5 baskets!


  1. Love an awesome ending! xxx Lauren

    1. Right? I like everything wrapped up in a neat bow! ;) Thanks for stopping by! <3