Friday, May 15, 2015

Just One Kiss - Wendy Davy/Sweet Read Friday

Christian Romance
After acting on a dare and kissing the hottest guy at Granbury High, Molly Parker was left with a broken heart and a legacy she couldn’t live down; Dustin McKinley left town the very next day, taking her hopes and dreams along with him. A decade later…they meet again. 

Molly assures herself she won’t fall for Dustin’s charms this time, yet with his good looks and dimpled smile, guarding her heart proves to be more of a challenge than she ever expected. 
When Dustin inherits his grandmother’s farmhouse, he returns to Granbury intending to sell the property. However, he must first evict the tenant occupying the garage apartment–the woman he walked away from years ago and has never been able to forget. 

Dustin assures himself he’s doing what must be done, but when he reunites with Molly his attraction to her rekindles, jeopardizing his carefully constructed plans. 

Just One Kiss a fun sweet Christian romance.  Molly has had her struggles and they just keep coming at her.  She never gives up hope and with strength and determination she gets through.  Dustin, well, he's just a tall glass of water that rolls back into town.  He's protective and had me rooting for him through the story.  The story is short but perfect in length for the story told.  I read it in about three hours.  Just One Kiss is a story about love and forgiveness at it's best.
I give Just One Kiss....

5 baskets!

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