Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Charming Fatality - Tonya Kappes/ Thriller Thursday

Bubble. . .Bubble. . . 
Whispering Falls’ resident potion maker, June Heal, is the first witch in the magical village to make a big money deal with the Head To Toe Works, a national chain specializing in spa and natural products. 

Cures and Trouble. . . 
June is going to need to use her own stress relief potion she made especially for Head To Toe Works after she discovers the dead body of Burt Rossen, the co-owner of Head To Toe Works, on the belt of the assembly line of her stress free lotion product. 
Magic Stirs. . . 
A new baby is born in Whispering Falls and giving Oscar Park, June’s fiancé and Whispering Falls’ sheriff, the itch to get a wedding date set and gives June an ultimatum. 

And Trouble Doubles. . . 
June is forced to use her witchy ways to figure out who stole her secret potion after it turns up missing. Rumors are flying around like broomsticks that June is a witch and used a spell to murder Mr. Rossen. Someone wants her out of Head To Toe Works, but who? Will the killer get to June before she can walk down the aisle? 

The latest book in the Magical Cures Mystery Series, A Charming Fatality is a wonderful next step in June's life. Once again June has gotten herself into a pickle.  She's at the center of another murder investigation and her sleuthing keeps getting her in the hot seat.  To add to her stress certain people are wanting to push her into choosing a wedding date for her and Oscar.  Oh, Oscar, always supportive and always the level head in the book he's still one of my fave hottie mctotties.  If you enjoy paranormal mysteries with constant twists and turns with June giving a smack down I highly recommend A Charming Fatality.
I give A Charming Fatality...

5 Baskets

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  1. Tobi!!! I'm so honored!! Thank yo so much!!! I'm thrilled to be back in Whispering Falls!! It's so much fun!