Saturday, July 18, 2015

One Little Kiss - Robin Covington/ Sultry Saturday

Leighton Greer is breaking free of the protective chains surrounding her since she beat cancer four years ago. Always described as the fragile one, she is ready to test her strength and the first step is a whirlwind trip to Ireland and a post-graduation job with her dream orchestra.

Jonas Sutton has received devastating news about his future and he’s determined to take life by the horns while he still can. Quitting college two months before graduation, traveling the world and indulging in his passion for his art is the only thing on his agenda.
Trapped in an airport by a snowstorm, Leighton and Jonas are forced to face the connection between them that began four years ago and erupted in one night of sexy fun between the sheets. Was their one night the conclusion to years of unrequited lust or did they start the clock on forever with one little kiss?

One Little Kiss a fun and fast romance.  Leighton has been through more trials in her life than anyone her age should have.  Having been told she's boring. So, she jumps at the chance to travel to Dublin. If it just weren't for the blizzard keeping flights from taking off.  In comes Jonas her brother's bff to save the day with a room to share.  Their chemistry is scorched my iPhone while I was reading.  Jonas, oh Jonas... He is going out and exploring the world painting all the sights, before his future is decided for him.  This is a wonderful story about second chances and true love conquering all.  
I give One Little Kiss...

 5 Baskets

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