Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Playing Hooky - Rita Webb/ Wanton Wednesday

Paranormal Romance
Valentine’s Day and Emma's 21st birthday. 

Just another day at the University of Alaska Anchorage – full of classes and more homework than is humanly possible. 

…until Jason, her best-friend-since-kindergarten, shows up to take her out for the day. It never hurt to play a little hooky, right? Like old times: the two of them on a fun adventure, an escape from real life. 
But Jason isn’t only here for Emma’s birthday. He no longer wants to sit on the sidelines of her life, watching her slowly drift away from him. He wants to sweep her off her feet and claim her for himself. 

Sharing his heart means revealing his secrets. Something dark hides inside him, a monster he chains deep in his soul, and he doesn’t dare let it out. 

Taking Emma to a paranormal circus, he introduces her to a world full of misfits and monsters – unicorns and faeries, dwarves and elves, and other magical creatures – and Emma falls in love with everything she experiences. 

When they discover the empty siren’s cage, Jason and Emma promise to find the siren before the Ring Master discovers she’s missing. 

The mystery takes them through the paranormal underbelly of Anchorage – a witch’s bookstore, an ogre’s bar, and a deserted warehouse – but the siren’s kidnapper isn’t giving up without a fight. 

Emma’s birthday adventure turns into a deadly battle for their lives. Will they survive? Can Jason protect her from this world he’s inextricably a part of? 

Here’s your ticket to the Circus: full of mystery and adventure, monsters and mayhem, with a little touch of romance and loads of fun. Don’t forget to buckle up until the ride comes to a complete stop. 

Playing Hooky is a unique fun yet suspenseful paranormal romance. Jason pops up for his bff, Emma's birthday and takes her out for the perfect 21st birthday... The chemistry between them is obvious to everyone but each other. Playing Hooky ends up suspenseful as they chase whomever stole the siren. The flow of the story was a great pace however the ending was a bit abrupt for me. Even though it's a series I would have liked a bit more resolution to this part of the story. If you're looking for a fascinating paranormal romance I recommend trying this one out.
I give Playing Hooky....

4 baskets!

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