Monday, August 3, 2015

Griff Montgomery,Quarterback & Buddy Carruthers, Wide Receiver - Jean Joachim/Hottie McTottie Monday

He wants to find a wife. She doesn’t want to marry again –ever. Not exactly a match made in heaven. Ten years ago, Griff Montgomery, star quarterback of the Kings and womanizer, became a stand-in father for his widowed sister’s kids. His happy family life collapsed when she and her new husband moved to California. Griff wants his own family. But where does a “player” go to find his ideal mate?
Having sworn off marriage forever, Lauren Farraday barely kept her life together after her divorce. With her career shaky and depression closing in, the last thing she needed was a courtroom battle with a sexy athlete. 

Forced, by a judge, into an uneasy truce, the pair denied their growing chemistry. Wary of Griff’s reputation with women, and hiding a secret, Lauren keeps him at arm’s length. Determined, Griff marches toward his goal. Can the quarterback handle the truth or will he walk away, like he always has in the past?

 She raced into the street. A car making its way to the south end of town screeched on its brakes. The man holding the dog dropped the lead and leapt in front of her. He snatched her arm and yanked her out of the way. She fell to her knees on the pavement, but didn’t feel the pain because the pug was licking her face. She kept repeating his name as tears flowed.
“You okay, lady?” the man asked, grasping her elbow and easing her to her feet.
Lauren clutched his arm while her knees trembled. She narrowed her eyes. “You stole my dog,” she said, before bending over to pet the pooch.

Griff Montgomery, Quarterback is a perfect escape from reality.  Lauren has been through a rough time with her ex-husband leaving and her father's health falling. She comes home from setting her father up in a nursing home and her dog has disappeared.  Enter hottie mctottie Griff walking down the street with a dog he took in he thought had been deserted.  The line between love and hate is very thin when these two clash.  The attraction between the two zings off the pages.  Lauren at a time or 2 I wanted to smack her upside her head.  This is a story about learning to trust and let yourself love and be loved.
I give Griff Montgomery, Quarterback...

5 Baskets!

Sports Romance
Known for his record-breaking stats and womanizing ways, wide receiver, Buddy Carruthers, would give it all up for one chance to win the only woman he ever wanted, Emmy Meacham. Hard-won games, and traveling half the season kept Buddy from pursuing his secret passion. Even if he managed to corner her for a moment, would she still care?
Now a rock star known as Emerald, Emmy lived her life on the road with no time for love. In her dreams, she longed to turn back the clock and spend another night with Buddy. But lies and deceit had kept them apart for five years. Would a chance meeting wash away those years or cause old wounds to resurface? Could two lives traveling in opposite directions make room for love or would they continue to spin, out of sync, and always alone? 
Caution: Locker room language

Buddy Carruthers, Wide Receiver is a great follow up to Griff Montgomery, Quarterback.  Buddy, well, he's a hottie mctottie man whore.  He's supposed to be the worst on the team.  Yet there's only one woman to him that's worth settling down, Emmy.  In a chance encounter the two get to know each other again.  Emmy aka Emerald has been in an emotionally abusive relation ship for roughly 3 years.  She doesn't quite seem to understand why Buddy isn't just a taker in the relationship.  Both learn to trust and love again even when circumstances try to tear them apart.
I give Buddy Carruthers, Wide Receiver...

5 baskets!!!

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