Sunday, October 25, 2015

Forsaken - Kristen Day/ Second Look Sunday

I loved Forsake by Kristen Day and wanted to give her a Second Look Sunday!

YA Fantasy Romance
Once you’ve been touched by darkness, it never leaves you…

Abandoned by her parents as an infant; seventeen year old Hannah spent her childhood wading through countless foster families until being adopted by the Whitmans three years ago. 

Unfortunately, Atlanta’s high society wasn’t quite ready for Hannah…or the strange events that plague her.
Chilling visions of murder, unexplained hallucinations, and a dark, mysterious guy who haunts her nightmares all culminate to set in motion a journey of self-discovery that will challenge everything she’s ever believed; not to mention her sanity. 

Sent to live at The House of Lorelei on Bald Head Island, NC for ‘kids like her’, Hannah quickly realizes things are not what they seem. Her fellow ‘disturbed’ teens are actually the descendents of mythical Sea Gods and Goddesses. And so is she.

But when Finn, the ghost from her dreams, appears in the flesh; her nightmares become reality and her dark visions begin coming true. Inexplicably drawn to him, she can’t deny the dangerous hold he has on her heart. The deadly secrets he harbors will ultimately test her courage and push the boundaries of her love. 

She must decide if she is ready to embrace the ancient legend she is prophesized to be a part of. The fate of all the descendents will forever depend upon it.

Forsaken is an addictive read!  Be prepared to want to read it in one sitting.  Hannah has a dark past and tries hard to be normal in everyone's eyes.  This story is teenage angst at its best.  She's extremely likable and her past has given her an inner strength most wish for.  She'll need it going to the private school she's heading to.  Finn…wow I want more and more of Finn. He's a book boyfriend that will have many swooning. (Including me!)  He's dark and supportive and I want to know the rest of his mystery.  I just know there's more!  From beginning to end Forsaken had me wrapped around it's little finger.
I give Forsaken…

5 Baskets!!!

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